Monday, 21 August 2017

Joseph Atwill & Tim Kelly - Power & Principalities Episode 13

What makes these conversations so special is that unless interviewing a proper scholar like Joseph Atwill, Tim Kelly can sometimes overwhelm the guests with his extensive knowledge and considerable book reading. Here, they both compliment each other and this series of discussions are among the finest on the net at present.

CIA Nazis, Knights of Malta, Vatican II, Lifetime actors, P2 Lodge, Illuminati and the New World Order get a good airing. Tim's riff on Vatican II is particularly impressive and I don't even agree with them both on a lot of narrative frameworks they settle on, as I feel there's a different way to assemble the moving parts. Just my opinion of course.

It's still the dogs bollocks.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Andy Weatherall - Music's Not For Everyone

It's a blessing when great music comes into our lives and elevates the pedestrian to the meaningful. I can barely move on Mixcloud there's so much quality music in my stream.

21 Grams - 2003

21 Grams is a non linear story with a surprise ending. There's something very comforting that the original website for the movie from 2003 is still on the internet.