Friday, 16 March 2018

Fake News

I've been having a few pints of Fake News by Fallen Acorn Brewing at Clockwork in Shirley lately, and very tasty it is too, though nowhere near as awesome as Murmuration by Red Cat Brewing, which is like a pint of home brewed Quality Street, laced with treacle and 6% Alcohol.

Anyone who thinks the media prints, publishes or broadcasts anything remotely like reality is struggling right now with righteous indignation as the internet pretty much crushes the things that are said, as well as raising the things that are left out. 

Here's a classic piece of fake news for the memory wipes. 

No big deal then for a WMD conspiracy theory dreamt up by Neocon vermin who have the audacity to publish there plans in advance because the consumer classes are too naive to understand how powerful groups wield ancient and occult rules to secure their objectives.

Regrettably most people are too ill informed to understand the very basics of the Skripal story, like did he or didn't he die, which was misreported because it's designed to be a package of lies.

No doubt the fake left who partied hard during the Obama years while he bombed 7 Muslim countries had a good time till Trump got it. They left it to independent researchers and bloggers to utilize this once in lifetime opportunity to inform people of what was really going on via the Internet, in Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and later on Yemen.

To be fair I am leaning towards Electronic Entrainment to explain a lot of people's inability to identify the difference between right and wrong, because it also applies to weasel moves, (by for example Trump), giving Palestinian land to Israel for the American Embassy in East Jerusalem, or appointing a known "hands-on" CIA black site torturer (a woman no less) to lead the CIA.

The sinking of the Lusitania was probably one of the earliest Fake News specials but we should also including the sinking of the Maine in 1898. The media has been instrumental in selling all of the conflicts that arose from these and so the question remains, who owns and who populates the media? The math is inarguable when it comes to diversity analysis.

Alas it takes courage to point out why 2% of the population are responsible for 90% of Fake News currently shaping the average hairless monkey's opinion.

Here's a slightly out of date visual possibly explaining the BBC's toxic bias towards Fake News.

And a couple of BBC Fake News peddlers. 

BBC contributor Melanie Phillips is married to Joshua Rozenberg, former legal affairs editor for the BBC.

Russia's decision to stand by its long time ally Syria is key in the current sentiment towards the country. Maybe something to do with pipelines the NWO so wish to control across Syria and the energy reserves on Israeli occupied Syrian land that Genie Energy now control.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Jerome Corsi Discredits Himself. Over & Over Again #QAnon

On a personal level I like Jerome as much as the next chap. He's avuncular, soothing to listen to, better than average educated, and able to talk at great length in a calm manner on his world view.

It's just that his world view and lifetime network is toxic.

John Bolton (who works with MEK terrorists) is the least Jewish looking Zionist Neocon I can think of, but his devotion to the Occupation of Palestine by Israel is as devout as any Neocon wingnut including Jerome Corsi. 

In fact they're both lifetime friends. 

Corsi was also good friends with propagandist and nephew of Sigmund Freud Joseph, Edward Bernay. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

Corsi (Jesuit educated) is devoted to the cause of bomb,bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran as much as Jock Strap McCain and John Bolton. 

You couldn't meet a better bunch of Zionist shills.

Jerome Corsi is either a willing or blackmailed shill. 

There's no other explanation for this level of stupid.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Celebrity Multiples - Strange Behaviour of Jennifer Lawrence and More

Same story for Beyonce.

Same applies to Lady Gaga

Same applies to Britney Speaks

Same applies to Nicki Minaj

It's hard to know what methodology is used to create these alters now, as the MKUltra processes are probably too old.

There is some discussion of new processes using harmonics, though no hard evidence exists for this other than credible testimony from MKUltra victims such as Elisa